Classic Human Skull Model with 5 part Brain

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Մոդել: Classic Human Skull Model with 5 part Brain
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Classic Human Skull Model with 5 part Brain


The 3 part medical quality human skull replica is a first choice for basic anatomical studies of the skull. This skull model includes an anatomically correct 5 part brain. This medical grade skull model also makes a great present for medical professionals and students of medicine and allied health professions.

  • High quality original skull cast

  • Skull is handmade from hard, unbreakable plastic

  • Highly accurate representation of the fissures, foramina, processes, sutures etc.

  • Can be disassembled into skull cap, base of skull and mandible

  • Mandible of skull is mounted on a spring to easily demonstrate natural movement

The 5 part brain is midsagitally divided human brain replica (C18) and is cast from an original specimen, lending anatomical accuracy to this model. The components of the left brain half are:

  • Frontal and parietal lobe

  • Temporal and occipital lobe

  • Encephalic trunk

  • Cerebellum

Product Data

Weight    1.1 kg
Dimensions    20 x 13.5 x 15.5 cm
Brand    3B Scientific
Product code.    A20/9 [1020162]


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