Falling Sphere Viscometer

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Falling Sphere Viscometer


Viscosity Measurements Using the Following Substances

  • Light oils, machine oils, petroleum, petroleum ether, diesel (mineral oils and fuels)

  • Plastic solutions, resin solutions, adhesive solutions, latex dispersions (polymer chemicals)

  • Printers’ ink, varnish, water-based paints, inks (inks and paints)

  • Emulsions, suspensions, solutions, extracts (cosmetics/pharmaceuticals)

  • Emulsions, dispersions (paper industry)

  • Liquid detergents, washing-up liquid, surfactant solutions (detergents)

  • Honey, fruit juice, beer, milk (food industry)

  • Gases and mixtures of gases

Höppler-type falling sphere viscometer for simple but accurate measurement of dynamic viscosity of transparent Newtonian fluids. The sphere rolls and slides inside an inclined cylindrical tube filled with the fluid to be tested. The viscosity is measured in mPa s and is derived directly from the time the sphere takes to fall a specified distance through the fluid in the measuring tube. The tube can then be turned upside-down so that time the sphere takes to fall back can also be measured. The tube is situated inside a water bath, which can be filled with water at a specific temperature in order to measure how viscosity depends on temperature.


  • Falling sphere viscometer with 6 spheres and 1 ball gauge

  • Thermometer 0 – 100° C

  • Cleaning set

  • Test certificate with accurate values for sphere constant K and density ρ for converting duration of fall to actual viscosity.


  • Measuring range: 0.5 mPa s to 7x104 mPa s (as per DIN 53015)>7x104 mPa s (for sphere fall times > 300 s)

  • Measurement precision: 0.5 to 2% (depending on spheres used)

  • Spheres:

  1. #1, #2: Borosilicate glass

  2. #3, #4: Ni-iron

  3. #5, #6: Steel

  • Diameter of spheres: 11.00 to 15.81 mm

  • Diameter of measuring tube: 15.95 mm

  • Fall times for spheres: 30 to 450 s

  • Length of measured distance: 100 mm in both directions

  • Operating angle: 10° to vertical

  • Additional working angles: 70°, 60°, 50° to horizontal

  • Volume when full: 40 ml

  • Permissible temperature range: -60°C to +150°C

  • Dimensions: 180x220x330 mm

  • Weight: 3.1 kg

Product Data

Weight    4.5 kg
Brand    3B Scientific
Product code.    U14260 [1012827]

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