3B Birthing Simulator PRO

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3B Birthing Simulator PRO


Obstetric simulation to enhance training effects:
The 3B Scientific® Birthing Simulator P90 PRO has been developed for the skill training in normal deliveries, in complicated deliveries and in obstetric emergencies. Obstetric simulation has proven successful to enhance the training of delivery skills, following of protocols and reaction in emergency situation.

Assessment and manipulation of fetal positions:
Birthing complications are in general less likely when an abnormal fetal position or presentation can be detected before the labor process starts. Using obstetric simulation, trainees will learn how to detect abnormal positions and presentations, and how to use manual techniques to assist the birthing process. Training of manual birthing maneuvers (like Leopold, or Pinard’s) must be trained so that correct measures are applied during complicated deliveries. Furthermore, the trainee will learn when to apply obstetric emergency interventions (like a cesarean section).

With the 3B Scientific® P90 PRO Birthing Simulator you can see how manual maneuvers affect the fetus in-utero and train the following delivery skills and techniques:

  • Normal vaginal delivery

  • Normal delivery of umbilical cord and placenta

  • Palpation and assessment of fetal position and presentation

  • Diagnosis of all normal and abnormal fetal positions and presentations (like face, neck, or brow) to represent routine and difficult deliveries

  • Intrauterine manipulation of fetus

  • Shoulder dystocia demonstration and management

  • Breech deliveries (including complete, footling or incomplete, and frank breech presentation)

  • Palpation of fetal fontanelles features

  • Complete and incomplete placenta birth

  • Demonstration of placenta previa: total, partial, and marginal

  • Prolapse of umbilical cord

  • Nuchal umbilical cord

  • Cesarean delivery with incision

  • Artificial rupture of membranes (ARM or AROM, amniotomy)

  • Clamping and cutting of umbilical cord

  • Simulated suctioning of baby’s mouth and nose

  • Leopold maneuver

  • Pinard’s maneuver

  • Mauriceu-Smellie-Veit maneuver

  • Prague maneuver

  • Woods maneuver

  • Rubin

The 3B Scientific® P90 Birthing Simulator offers the following features for effective obstetric teaching and training:

  • Fully articulating fetus with open mouth, tiltable head, shoulder blade, and anatomical correct fontanelles

  • Life-size adult female lower torso, anatomically correct landmarks like pelvis, pelvic cavity, and spine

  • Manual birthing system to control rotation and speed of fetus delivery

  • Easy to change position of fetus during birthing process including descend, flexion, extension, internal and external rotation, and restitution

  • Uterus with correct positioning of fetus, inflatable to lift fetus for Leopold maneuver

  • Easy change-out of parts through pin connections, no tools necessary

  • Anti-slip base and handles for extra support on tables

  • Belt for fastening to table or bed

All consumables and replacement parts are available here.

Delivery content:

  • 3B Scientific® Birthing simulator PRO

  • Detachable, padded stomach cover with advanced insert for caesarian section

  • Inflatable uterus insert for Leopold Maneuver including cover that can be cut for caesarian section

  • Birth canal (portio, cervix, vulva)

  • Fastening belt

  • Lubricant

  • Amniotic fluid and 100 inserts

  • Assembly kit

  • Fully articulating fetal baby

  • Umbilical cord

  • Placenta

The 3B Scientific® P90 Birthing Simulator is made of soft vinyl (hard for inner structures) and silicone. It is easy to clean and all parts can quickly be changed without tools (pin connections).

Product Data

Weight    7.5 kg
Brand    3B Scientific
Product code.    P90P [1020333]


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